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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Occupational concerns of older people

I have been re reading the Lifestyle Redesign book (reference in profile for this blog) and thinking about the fact that the 'well elderly' people involved in the original studies identified the occupational domains that were of concern to them. These included things that we would usually address in occupational therapy, but also things that would not usually be addressed. The example discussed is the concern of 'adaptation to multicultural environments'.  It is clear that this did have an impact on people's ability to engage in activities they wanted to participate in.
I can see that I will have to think about how we identify which areas of function are of most concern to older people around the time of hospital discharge (and maybe prevention of admission) and consider how to actually address these. At present the focus is very much on the basic activities of daily living needed to get out of hospital.

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