This blog began as a journal of a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travel Award visit to the USA to study how Lifestyle Redesign could be used in Occupational Therapy to improve the hospital/home interface for older people. It has continued to record developments and inspiration gained from that experience since returning from Los Angeles early in 2012.

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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Using Lent to achieve self-efficacy

In my first week back at work and home in the UK, I am finding myself reflecting on my experiences learning about Lifestyle Redesign,sometimes in unexpected ways. This post is a bit of a personal reflection on one of these.

For the last few years I have given up something for Lent- chocolate or alcohol for example- not as a penance in any way, but as a little exercise in being more mindful about my everyday routines (and in the case of alcohol, just to make sure I can!). It is interesting to see how little changes impact on daily life and how you have to plan and arrange things slightly differently. I have wanted to try giving up wheat before, but always decided to opt for something easier, I just love toast and pasta too much. However, I have always stuck to my resolve on the things I did give up.


This year though, I have finally done it and given up wheat for Lent- and so far so good. I felt able to do it this year because of my experience of being in LA, I roomed with someone who ate no white carbs at all- and decided to try to embrace that while I was there, at least at home. Also, I found there was such an emphasis on nutrition and healthy eating in many of the Lifestyle Redesign sessions I observed, not just the Weight Management Group, and I read the books by Kessler and Willett (see books tab at top of page) that I was primed with information and motivation and ready to make a change. In change theory terms I had moved beyond pre-contemplation and contemplation, through preparation and into action.