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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

First Day

Center for the Health Professions
Today was spent getting orientated to the Health Science and University Park Campuses.
 This is where I will be based.

The day began with an initial meeting with Dr Clark who gave an overview of the work of the Division of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy- follow this link for more details. I was interested to learn how closely the 3 'arms' of research, education and clinical/care are linked.

My schedule will include taking classes with students at different stages in their training, spending time with members of the research teams and with Dr Clark and time in the Faculty Practice where some of the programmes are delivered. 

In the OT corridor
  The morning continued with a tour led by Floyd Tang, one of the student ambassadors, along with prospective Masters & PhD students. Then a visit to the Faculty Practice, here OTs are using Lifestyle Redesign in areas often not associated with OT such as Pain Management, Smoking Cessation, Weight Management. I will be spending some time with a weight management group that begins this week.
'The Center'

 After lunch we drove over to the main UPC. What a beautiful campus (apparently some of Legally Blonde was filmed there!). The Lifestyle Redesign Centre was a surprise, it's a beautiful Victorian building.

 The day has helped me to begin to get a feel for where I will be spending my time. I have been impressed by the level of commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism evident in everyone I met.
More new experiences in store tomorrow...
University Park Campus

'International Building'

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