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Saturday, 6 April 2013

F is for Fashion...




I read a great quote about following fashion when you are older:

“Follow fashion, but at a distance”

I’d love to know who said it- does anyone know?

Fashion- or maybe ‘style’ is a better word- can be a great way to express your personality, enjoy new ways of doing, or wearing, things and just having fun.

Age proofing your life means keeping things interesting and avoiding getting into a rut- what you wear and how you wear it are great ways to do this. Following fashion ‘at a distance’ I think means developing your own style without being a slave to the latest trends, if the fashion is for day-glo colours you might not want to wear them, but how about a small accessory? Classic style can be so much more elegant on older people than youngsters!

If you are wearing the same sort of outfits you have done for years. Maybe it would be a fun adventure to make some small changes. Maybe you could get together with friends and come up with ideas for new ways to wear what you already have.

I found the Advanced Style blog when writing this post. Follow this link for some inspiration….

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