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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ready for Ageing...



Ready for Ageing…

…is a report recently published by the House of Lords Select Committee on Public Service and Demographic Change. It applies to England specifically but the issues it covers are relevant in the rest of the UK, and indeed, in any country in the developed world.
The committee took a holistic approach and the report highlights key issues and aims to encourage public debate. It focussed on the implications of the ageing population for the near future, specifically the decade from 2020-2030. It is expected that there will be:

  • 51% more people over 65 than in 2010
  • 101% more people over 85 than in 2010
  • more than 50% more living with 3 or more long term conditions
  • over 80% more with dementia
  • And- over 10 million people in Britain can currently expect to have inadequate retirement incomes.

What age will you be in that decade?

The report emphasises that longer lives can be a great benefit, but that the Government and society are ‘woefully underprepared’. The contribution of older people to society includes the voluntary services, whether formal or informal, performed by older people who are also significant providers of care for younger children and for other older people.

The report calls for changes in society’s attitude and in Government policy to support and encourage this. Among other things, it covers employment practices, pension regulations and NHS & social care provision. It is recommended that to enable older people to live independently and well, health and social services need to be transformed and need to function 24/7.

The report states that:
The Government must set out the framework for radically transformed healthcare to care for our ageing population before the general election in 2015. All political parties should be expected to issue position papers on the future of health and social care within 18 months, and address these issues explicitly in their manifestos for the 2015 election.”

We can all do a certain amount individually to Age Proof our lives, but arguably the big changes need to take place at a policy level. If you are interested in Age Proofing your life, perhaps this is something to ask your local MP about when they appear on your doorstep looking for your vote…

To read the report, follow this link:

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