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Thursday, 18 April 2013

P is for Pledge



Physical Activity Pledge

Physical activity is increasingly being shown to be one of, if not the, most important thing that almost everyone can do to improve their health. More importantly, the benefits will stay with you and help to maintain good health and avoid problems as diverse as dementia, heart disease and diabetes- all of which become a higher risk as you get older.

The great thing is that doing more physical activity does not have to mean that you have to do high impact sports if you don’t enjoy them. Walking the dog, making short journeys on foot instead of taking the car, playing with the grand children, taking the stairs instead of the lift can all add up. Better still the amount of exercise being recommended to get all these benefits is only about 30 minutes a day, and that can be made up of 3 x10 minute slots if you prefer.

Occupational therapists are one of the Allied Health Professionals in Scotland who have signed up to the Scottish Government Pledge to get Scotland more active. You can read more about the Pledge by following this link

An occupational therapist looks at a person’s whole lifestyle and can help find ways to incorporate health promoting activities- such as exercise- into daily routines. They work with you to find ways of being more active that are manageable and enjoyable.

For a fun presentation that is under 10 minutes long follow this link- you won’t need any further persuasion!

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