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Monday, 22 April 2013

Still Waiting...


Still Waiting…

If you are aged over 60 in Scotland you are entitled to a free bus pass that can be used on local and long distance services under the ConcessionaryTravel Scheme. Many older people however live in rural areas where buses are few and far between. Even in urban areas public transport often does not meet the needs of older people. Being able to travel within the community is an important factor in maintaining independence for older people and allows participation in many of the social and leisure activities that are now recognised as so important for health and wellbeing. 

Age Scotland’s ‘Still Waiting’ campaign urges the Scottish Government to extend the Concessionary Travel Scheme to include Community Transport services. These are often run by local charities, are not for profit and help to fill the gaps where public transport does not provide an adequate service. Commercial bus companies may withdraw unprofitable routes and at present, Age Scotland believes that the funding provided to Community Transport services is dwindling due to current financial constraints. The Still Waiting campaign argues that extending the Concessionary Travel Scheme to include these local initiatives and ensuring they are reimbursed for fares would help ensure their survival and support the travel needs of older people in local communities.

As for the previous post (Ready for Ageing…) this campaign is an example of action that can be taken to Age Proof the lives of older people at a community and policy level.

To find out more or to support the campaign follow this link:

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