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Monday, 8 April 2013

Gardening Gracefully...


Gardening Gracefully….

Enjoyment of a garden and of actually being able to do the gardening is a pleasure for many people. Gardens provide beauty, peace and fresh air- as well as exercise working on them. They may even provide food for the household.
In older age, some aspects of gardening can become physically difficult. Age Proof your life by thinking ahead and making changes gradually so that you are able to enjoy your garden for as long as possible. Read on for some ideas from people who have done just that.

  • Ian says ‘I had always cursed the steep slope on the lawn that was such a chore to mow- even when I felt fully fit. I recently had it dug up and replaced it with low maintenance shrubs. Now that they are getting established they are so much more interesting to look at- especially as I chose varieties that the birds love, they don’t need much attention and I only wonder why I didn’t do it sooner! It has inspired me to look at the rest of my garden and bit by bit make it less labour intensive’

  • Fran explains ‘I have been finding it hard to bend to get at borders. My son built some raised beds for me close to the house. I can get at them easily and I am really enjoying being able to plant them up and look forward to being able to potter around working on them and enjoying the evening sun, without having to worry about getting down on my knees or straining my back.’

  • Sheila says ‘Mum always loved her garden but dementia means that she is no longer able to do the jobs she used to. We find that she is most peaceful when she is in her garden. Walking around it with one of her family or sitting out in the sun listening to the birds seems to give her enjoyment.’

  • Bob tells ‘I moved into a Sheltered Housing flat and to be honest didn’t miss the garden at first, it had become a chore as I got slower, but now I am here I have started growing houseplants on my windowsill, that is work enough for me now! There is a garden area where I can sit out on a bench and watch someone else do the work!’

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